Scott Street’s Bright Future

June 17, 2015

On December 10th, after a year of working together and with over 300 people participating in its creation, the Scott Street Community Design Plan was unanimously recommended for approval by the City’s Planning Committee.

This is a great achievement for our neighbourhoods – Mechanicsville, Hintonburg, Wellington Village and Champlain Park. All will benefit from protection this plan gives to stable low-rise residential neighbourhoods, while our mainstreets grow and prosper.

A comprehensive parks, open space, pedestrian and cycling strategy will better connect our communities and will drive City investment for years to come.

This is only a beginning, but I’ve also begun to take steps to make this plan a reality. Council today (December 11th) approved $1M to upgrade hydro poles on Scott Street in 2014 ahead of the LRT detours. This is the first step toward a complete street for Scott Street. Learn more about this motion.

I also moved a motion to have the Scott Street planned redesign, environmental assessment and reconstruction considered for Council priority in 2014-2018.

Click here to learn more about the Scott Street CDP.

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