Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring: Why It Is Popular Today Than Ever

November 16, 2016
In the past few years, Canadian homeowners have become increasingly interested in reclaimed hardwood flooring. In fact, it has become a trend—you will find reclaimed wood flooring in almost every home or office you walk in Canada today. What could be fuelling the popularity of this type of flooring—is it only a matter of fashion and taste?


Getting value for money is every Canadian consumer’s priority. So when exploring flooring options for their premises, most Canadians tend to consider the most durable options. Consumers are looking for flooring options that can stand the test of time and which can endure heavy footfall—reclaimed wood flooring provide all these.

Aged wood is stronger than newer cuts of wood. Newer cuts still need to dry out and often expand and contract easily due to weather changes. They are, therefore, more likely to split than wood that was cut a century ago. Reclaimed wood has undergone through all these processes and are bone dry. Accordingly, they will not warp or split easily and will remain in perfect shape for many years to come.

Eco Friendly

Today, consumers are more environmentally conscious and are aware of the many problems that are associated with climate change. Many Canadians are shifting to reclaimed wood simply because the flooring option bypasses the need to cut trees. The process of converting the trees into usable flooring boards isn’t good for the environment either. The process result into build-up of harmful gases such as methane and other harmful wastes. Besides, a big number of reclaimed wood is sent to Canadian landfills and only 10% is recycled. More Canadian homeowners are focused at raising this figure by opting for reclaimed wood flooring.

No modern Match

Durability and sustainability are not the only contributors to the growing trend of reclaimed wood flooring. The truth is, aged wood looks stylish and more natural. It has history and unique character, and with a little engineering, it can be turned into almost any look.

Modern timbers are a bit narrower and uniform compared to older floorboards. This means that reclaimed wood can allow you to create flooring that’s more unique, stunning, and appealing—all those whorls, knots, and little kinks can go a long way in producing incredible effects.

Bottom Line

Reclaimed hardwood flooring has become very popular in Canada over the past few years for good reasons: environmentally-friendly, durability, natural, and classic are all attributes that are associated with this flooring option. The trend is likely to continue and people are optimistic that in future, instead of 90 percent of reclaimed wood ending up in landfills, it’s going to be reused. Find more online information and resources at the Relative Space website.

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