Boost Productivity And Improve Morale with the Right Office Furniture

Office furniture
August 12, 2015

In any company, there is always considerable effort and emphasis given to ensuring a productive environment that is beneficial to everyone concerned. This involves everything from instituting appropriate company policies to setting up a physical space that is conducive to a smoother and more efficient workflow; one that encourages a more favorable workplace environment in general.

An important aspect in all of this is equipping the office with the right kind of furniture. You may not have realized it yet, but office furniture actually plays an integral role in making the workplace more efficient, making day-to-day procedures and processes run more smoothly, and making company employees more comfortable. The type of furniture in the office can make or break a company: the right type of furniture can make office personnel more comfortable, more eager to come to work (and work for longer hours), and have a more positive outlook towards work in general. Conversely, poorly-designed furniture can make employees more stressed, less productive, and less eager to come in to work.

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Business Management: The Value of a Financial Advisor

July 16, 2015

When you have a business that you are running each day, handling and managing your finances or investments may seem overwhelming at times, especially if you do not consider yourself an expert in the field. Working together with a financial advisor is highly recommended whether you are managing a start up business or if you are seeking additional opportunities for an already-established company that you have been running for years.

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Custom Lanyards For Your Event

July 4, 2015

Beating The Competition Through Marketing

There are a myriad of opportunities for businesses to market their services and/or products. Every business is well aware of the competition that lies ahead of them. There are billions of people across the world with millions of businesses ready to serve their needs.

Choosing The Type(s) of Marketing To Implement Into Your Business Functions

There are many different marketing approaches a business can choose to take. The choice(s) they make will have a major effect on the amount of consumers/clients they are able to draw towards their business. Therefore, it is highly imperative for the business owner(s) to ensure that they are making smart investment choices in regards to their marketing department.

Landyard Creation For Attention-Getting Marketing

Properly marketing today for attaining the attention that is required for succeeding will take some creativity on the business’s part. There are many creative ideas a company can delve into for marketing purposes. Lanyards are a great choice of marketing as many businesses do not necessarily utilize the option for presenting their brand name. Therefore, it enables the company to stand out from competitors in their specific field. customers/clients. Whether you are wanting to present your products and/or services with certain colors, designs, logos or any other form of creative design(s), you can choose to do so with the utilization of one of today’s most reliable and skilled lanyard producers.

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Congratulations Karen Secord!

June 17, 2015

Today, Mayor Jim Watson and I presented the Mayor’s City Builder Award to Ms. Karen Secord for her outstanding community service to families and individuals who are assisted by the Parkdale Food Centre food bank. My office contributed 2 crock pots, some vegetables and yoghurt to the Food Centre. I would like to thank Hilson […]

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Scott Street’s Bright Future

June 17, 2015

On December 10th, after a year of working together and with over 300 people participating in its creation, the Scott Street Community Design Plan was unanimously recommended for approval by the City’s Planning Committee. This is a great achievement for our neighbourhoods – Mechanicsville, Hintonburg, Wellington Village and Champlain Park. All will benefit from protection […]

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What are your thoughts on local shops and services in your neighbourhood?

June 17, 2015

La version française suit The City of Ottawa is undertaking a zoning review to determine appropriate locations for new local commercial zones within urban residential neighbourhoods. Existing businesses such as mom-and-pop stores, barber shops, convenience stores and laundromats, often located in a zone which may not permit such businesses, will be reviewed as candidates for […]

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Community Meeting: Development at 70 Richmond Road

June 17, 2015

On Wednesday, Janaury 15th, 2014, 7-9 PM in the upstairs meeting room at the Churchill Seniors Centre, I will be hosting a pre-consultation regarding development at 70 Richmond Road, currently home to Island Park Auto Sales. No application has been made at this site. This meeting will be the first step in a community discussion […]

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Snow Clearing Civic Hospital Area Dec. 30th

June 17, 2015

Snow Clearing Tonight On Melrose from Carling to Ruskin On Ruskin from MacFarlane to Gwynne On Gwynne from Carling to Kenilworth On Sherwood from Holland to Parkdale On Westmount from Beverly to Parkdale On Champagne from Youngg to Carling On Breezehill from Sherwood to Young On Young from Railway to Bayswater Dead End Harmer at […]

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