4 Important Plumbing Services

April 6, 2019

It might happen when you are in the middle of an incredible party with all of your family and friends, having the time of your life. It might happen when you are preparing to have some clients over to your place of business for a vital round of negotiations which might determine the future of your company. It might happen when you are getting ready to throw a surprise party for that special someone. There are any number of different scenarios in which a plumbing disaster can strike and ruin your day. Whatever the case may be, the fact remains that you’re going to want plumbing help, and fast. Thankfully, a certified Canadian plumber can be of assistance in a variety of ways.

1. Drainage Problems

One of the most common plumbing problems is, of course, having an issue with a drain. This can cause some of the most notable and immediate plumbing woes. If the drain in your sink is blocked up, or toilet is not able to flush properly and is overflowing, you’re going to need drainage help. The best plumbing experts in Canada can be of immense help in this regard.

Once they arrive on the scene, they will set to work determining the nature of the drainage problem. This will involve inspecting not just the drain itself, but the pipes and sometimes your entire plumbing system. It is a thorough process, and the best plumbing experts in Canada will indeed thoroughly check your drainage and piping systems. Once they have identified the root cause of the problem, they will set about addressing it. Moreover, they can also help clean out entire drainage systems, or replace them entirely.

2. Water Heater and Pressure Problems

When the hot water in your home suddenly vanishes, it’s a big problem! Not only are you suddenly left with only ice cold showers, but you won’t be able to effectively wash any of your dishes and utensils with warm water, either. Then again, maybe you aren’t getting more than a trickle of water out of the tap anyway – or any water at all. If that’s the case, you might well have a water heater or water pressure problem. A great Canadian plumber will be able to address these in solid fashion. As with drainage problems, they will identify the cause of the issue and strive to rectify it in good time.

3. Repairing Pipes

Then again, maybe it’s your whole plumbing apparatus which is having problems. If so, you might well have a problem with your pipes. If you see rust accumulating on or inside of your pipes, or see them starting to burst or leak, you’ll want to call a quality team of Canadian plumbers to come on out and repair them as soon as possible. For additional resources, you may be able to learn more at the Drain Rescue website.

4. Replacing Plumbing Apparatuses

If you need any of these plumbing items replaced, you’ll want to call upon a plumbing team to get the job done in a timely fashion. Canada’s best plumbers can also offer access to the best pipes, valves, drains, and other plumbing essentials.

Get great plumbing assistance from Canada’s best plumbers.

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Congratulations Karen Secord!

June 17, 2015

Today, Mayor Jim Watson and I presented the Mayor’s City Builder Award to Ms. Karen Secord for her outstanding community service to families and individuals who are assisted by the Parkdale Food Centre food bank.

My office contributed 2 crock pots, some vegetables and yoghurt to the Food Centre. I would like to thank Hilson Public School who donated more food today which filled a hamper.  Additionaly Sasloves Meat Market on Wellington West kindly made a donation and the gift was presented to Karen.

As coordinator of the Parkdale Food Centre, which is located in Mechanicsville, Karenhas donated hundreds of hours of her time to enthusiastically transforming the facility into a multi-purpose food centre and neighbourhood food-education and gathering space.

In September, she told Ottawa Magazine that “We need sustainable solutions, not just poverty relief.”

To that end, she established the Parkdale Food Centre’s Nutrition Fund to help provide healthier, fresh foods to food bank clients. She tirelessly raises funds and awareness, and solicits donations from local food vendors. She reaches out to local chefs to provide cooking classes, and sends cooking students home at the end of their classes with the ingredients, utensils and even slow cookers to make it possible for them to cook nutritious and delicious fresh food from scratch.

This holiday season, she started a special fund to supply eggs, milk, yogurt and cheese to local people in need.

After noticing some of the food centre’s clients coming in wearing sandals in winter, she reached out to the local community for donations of warm clothing and footwear.

Karen has almost singlehandedly changed the conversation in Kitchissippi about what a food centre can, and should, be.

The Mayor’s City Builder Award is a civic honour created by Mayor Watson to recognize an individual, group or organization that has, through outstanding volunteerism or exemplary action, demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to making our city a better place today and for the future. This may include lifelong service, outstanding acts of kindness, inspiring charitable work, community building or other exemplary achievements. Individuals, groups or organizations may be nominated by members of City Council or the public. The award is presented at the beginning of each City Council meeting.

 Le maire décerne le Prix de bâtisseur de la Ville à Mme Karen Secord

Le maire Jim Watson et la conseillère du quartier Kitchissippi, Mme Katherine Hobbs, ont décerné aujourd’hui le Prix de bâtisseur de la Ville à Mme Karen Secord pour les services exceptionnels qu’elle offre aux familles et aux membres de la collectivité qui reçoivent de l’aide de la banque d’alimentation du Centre alimentaire Parkdale.

En tant que coordonnatrice du Centre alimentaire Parkdale, à Mechanicsville, Karen a fait don avec enthousiasme de centaines d’heures de son temps afin de transformer l’installation en un centre alimentaire polyvalent et en espace de rassemblement et d’éducation sur l’alimentation pour les résidents du quartier.

En septembre, elle a déclaré au Ottawa Magazine : « Nous avons besoin de solutions durables et non pas uniquement de solutions pour atténuer la pauvreté ».

C’est pourquoi elle a établi le fonds pour la nutrition du Centre Parkdale afin de fournir des aliments frais et plus sains aux clients de la banque d’alimentation. Inlassablement, elle amasse des fonds et sensibilise la population à sa cause, en plus de solliciter des dons auprès des fournisseurs locaux de produits alimentaires. Elle demande aux chefs locaux de donner des cours de cuisine et renvoie les étudiants à la maison à la fin de leurs cours avec des ingrédients, des ustensiles et même des mijoteuses afin qu’ils puissent cuisiner eux-mêmes des plats frais, nutritifs et délicieux.

Pour les fêtes de cette année, elle a créé un fonds spécial qui permettra de fournir des œufs, du lait, du yogourt et du fromage aux résidents du quartier dans le besoin.

Après avoir remarqué que certains clients du Centre alimentaire portaient des sandales en plein hiver, elle a sollicité des dons de vêtements chauds et de chaussures auprès de la communauté.

Seule et presque sans aide, Karen a changé la définition de ce que peut être et doit être un centre alimentaire dans le quartier Kitchissippi.

Le Prix de bâtisseur de la Ville décerné par le maire est une distinction civile créée par le maire Watson qui vise à reconnaître un résident, un groupe ou un organisme qui, par ses services bénévoles exceptionnels ou ses initiatives exemplaires, a fait preuve d’un engagement profond à l’égard de notre ville afin d’en faire un meilleur endroit aujourd’hui et pour l’avenir. Le prix peut récompenser l’ensemble des réalisations, des actes de bonté remarquables, des activités de bienfaisance inspirantes, le développement d’une conscience communautaire ou toute autre réalisation exemplaire. Des résidents, des groupes ou des organismes peuvent être mis en nomination par des membres du Conseil municipal ou par le public. Le prix est décerné au début de chacune des réunions du Conseil municipal d’Ottawa.

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Scott Street’s Bright Future

June 17, 2015

On December 10th, after a year of working together and with over 300 people participating in its creation, the Scott Street Community Design Plan was unanimously recommended for approval by the City’s Planning Committee.

This is a great achievement for our neighbourhoods – Mechanicsville, Hintonburg, Wellington Village and Champlain Park. All will benefit from protection this plan gives to stable low-rise residential neighbourhoods, while our mainstreets grow and prosper.

A comprehensive parks, open space, pedestrian and cycling strategy will better connect our communities and will drive City investment for years to come.

This is only a beginning, but I’ve also begun to take steps to make this plan a reality. Council today (December 11th) approved $1M to upgrade hydro poles on Scott Street in 2014 ahead of the LRT detours. This is the first step toward a complete street for Scott Street. Learn more about this motion.

I also moved a motion to have the Scott Street planned redesign, environmental assessment and reconstruction considered for Council priority in 2014-2018.

Click here to learn more about the Scott Street CDP.

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What are your thoughts on local shops and services in your neighbourhood?

June 17, 2015

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The City of Ottawa is undertaking a zoning review to determine appropriate locations for new local commercial zones within urban residential neighbourhoods. Existing businesses such as mom-and-pop stores, barber shops, convenience stores and laundromats, often located in a zone which may not permit such businesses, will be reviewed as candidates for the proposed zoning.

This study will consider rezoning these sites, where appropriate, to permit current businesses to continue, or new, low-impact businesses to establish. The goal of the review is to create a Zoning By-law Amendment. Without the By-law Amendment, these businesses and opportunities for other appropriate business could disappear over time without the ability to operate beyond what currently exists.

The City is seeking the input of the general public through an online questionnaire until January 31, 2014.

Feedback is being sought on a number of items including existing commercial uses and location, appropriate commercial uses in a residential neighbourhood, proximity to main streets, and accessibility by way of cycling, walking, transit and driving. For more information or to fill out the questionnaire, click here.

La Ville sollicite des commentaires sur une étude de zonage visant les boutiques et services locaux des quartiers résidentiels Ottawa

La Ville d’Ottawa entreprend un examen du zonage visant à déterminer l’emplacement approprié des nouvelles zones commerciales dans les quartiers résidentiels urbains. Certaines entreprises existantes, comme les petites boutiques familiales, les salons de coiffure, les dépanneurs et les laveries, souvent situées dans une zone où de tels commerces ne sont pas forcément permis, seront examinées en tant que candidates au zonage proposé.

L’étude envisagera la modification du zonage des sites en cause, s’il y a lieu, afin d’y permettre le maintien des commerces existants ou l’établissement de nouveaux commerces à faible incidence. L’examen vise à susciter une modification du Règlement de zonage. À défaut d’une telle modification, ces commerces, ainsi que les possibilités d’établissement d’autres commerces appropriés, risqueraient de disparaître avec le temps, sans capacité de fonctionnement autre que celle qui existe à l’heure actuelle.

La Ville sollicitera l’opinion de la population jusqu’au 31 janvier 2014 au moyen d’un questionnaire en ligne, qui portera notamment sur les utilisations commerciales existantes et leur emplacement, les utilisations commerciales convenant à un quartier résidentiel, leur proximité par rapport aux rues principales et leur accessibilité à bicyclette, à pied, en autobus ou en automobile.

Pour obtenir de plus amples renseignements ou pour remplir le questionnaire,cliquez ici.

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Community Meeting: Development at 70 Richmond Road

June 17, 2015

On Wednesday, Janaury 15th, 2014, 7-9 PM in the upstairs meeting room at the Churchill Seniors Centre, I will be hosting a pre-consultation regarding development at 70 Richmond Road, currently home to Island Park Auto Sales.

No application has been made at this site. This meeting will be the first step in a community discussion with the developer before any decisions are made.

The zoning of the site is TM[83]H(15). Details of this zoning is available here. The site is part of the Richmond Road/Westboro Secondary Plan. Details of this plan are available here.

Hope to see you there,


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