Most Important Display Factors to Attract Customer Attention and Leave a Lasting Impression

July 7, 2016

We all get into business with the goal of attracting and retaining customers. A constant flow of customers increases your business revenues and is an opportunity for your business to grow. There are many strategies that retailers apply to make sure that they keep their client base as well as create a new customer base. One of the commonly used strategies is the use of visual impression, mostly achieved through product packaging and displays. The first impression is key to how customers view your store in future. It is important to display your products in a way that will catch the attention of the client as soon as they walk in your store as well as motivate them to come back again. A number of things need to be done to ensure you create a regular customer base once their attention has been drawn to your products.

Make the Most from Displays

A store layout is one of the things that successfully increase sales. Customers are loyal to stores that offer personal attention, convenience, and ease. It is important to bear in mind how your products are arranged within a display. Think about the colors, theme and branding techniques that help your retail displays to stand out. Good retail displays will keep your store clean, organized and easy to access as well as help customers to locate easily the products they need. Placing some of the commonly used products in clean, bright, bold and organized custom retail displays will appeal to your customer’s senses which are essential in stimulating the customers mind. Grab the attention of the customer and you are sure to have them shopping in your store for longer.

How do you make sure your customers hangs around your store for longer? It is as easy as creating in-store displays that stimulate impulse and keeps a customer curious. There are numerous ways of getting creative when deciding on in-store displays. Just remember to keep updating them and always customize your in-store displays to match with an upcoming holiday; you could use Easter bunnies, Santa Clause characters to add to your displays. In-store displays have a way of creating a buying environment that is irresistible to a client.

Attract More with Point of Purchase Displays

During holidays, consider using point of purchase displays. They are superior marketing tools that are sure to increase your sales. They work by being placed near the entrance or exit of the store to influence customers’ purchasing decision at critical moments. This strategy works well in securing last minute purchases that customers did not intend for. Point of purchase displays offers many possibilities for increasing sales before the customer leaves the store. They must be eye captivating designs that will capture the customers’ attention.

However, before you begin stocking your point of purchase display area with new products think about products that can catch the eye of the customer at the last minute and inspires them to make a purchase. Display seasonal and sale items in a way that highlights them make them stand out from the rest. Always ensure that the branding is consistent with the style and theme of your store.

Make your customers feel like they are having a different experience in that retail season than they would at other times during the year. Displays have a big influence on customers’ buying decisions.

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