7 Recycling Ideas for Large Wooden Wine Boxes

July 26, 2019

Being gifted with wooden wine boxes provides you two opportunities to enjoy and find uses. The first is to keep your wine displayed until you want to chill and drink. The next is to find a way to recycle them by making home decor items you can appreciate and use for years to come.

1- Coffee Table

Larger wine crates are the perfect size to create a coffee table if you place them on their side and attach each pair at the back. Make sure the open end is pointed outward. You can then secure both pairs together, side-by-side. A little stain and you have a gorgeous, usable table that looks amazing with almost any decor. It’s a creative way to give your wine boxes an extended life.

2- Bookshelves

Stack equal sized large wine boxes on top of one another. Secure them together and build it as high as you need. You can either stain them or paint the exact color you want. You can store a large number of books at each level and the look is chic.

3- Display Shelving

All of your small display items, flower arrangements, family pictures, and more will look great by creating display shelving in the same manner as bookshelves. Stack them to your desired height and paint or stain them as you see fit. Everyone will marvel at your creativity.

4- Pantry Storage

Nearly everyone can use a little extra storage space in their pantry. You can attach the desired amount of large wine boxes to the wall or create a stand-alone stackable system. You’ll be thrilled with the ease in which you can stay better organized in this area of your home.

5- Under-the-Counter Kitchen Storage

Wine boxes are perfect for making a secure place to gather up and store all your extra kitchen accessories or food items. You can place them individually on the countertop or place small wheels on the bottom and roll them underneath your open counter spaces. Add knotted rope handles for easy maneuvering. Learn more information and find additional resources at the Ekan Concepts website.

6- Arts and Craft Supplies

If you have a designated area of your home set aside for art and craft projects, adding a back wall of wine box storage crates can help you stay stocked up on materials. Your entire area will stay neat, tidy and everything is simple to access.

7- Computer Desk Base

Depending on the size of the large wine boxes used, you can stack two or three of them on each side to create the perfect base for a small computer table or desk. Add a wooden top and add stain to match your other furnishings. Place them on their sides with the open end outwards to use for extra office supply storage.

You can try an almost endless amount of home decor projects with wooden wine boxes to give your home a one-of-a-kind look.

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