4 Ways a Locksmith Can Make Owning a Vacation Rental Easier

May 6, 2019

If you own or manage a vacation rental, then you know there are a lot of things to consider when trying to keep the property safe but accessible. Guests do not want to be inconvenienced with multiple keys or locks that do not operate smoothly. A good locksmith near me can help you make a vacation unit easy to access for guests, and at the same time, allow you to have ultimate control over who accesses it, what parts they enter, and when they are allowed in.

1. Separate personal space from the guest areas

Many people who own a vacation rental visit the property during the year to check on it and enjoy the environment. They often like to keep personal items there to use when they visit, but they do not want the guests to have access to them. For example, at a beach house, the owner may like to keep some expensive surfboards there, but they don’t want the visitors to use them, or at a mountain getaway, owners may keep hiking boots on site. You can have a closet or an outdoor shed rekeyed to lock away these expensive or personal materials.

2. Install electronic doorknobs

Electronic doorknobs are programmable, and the only person that can open them must know the code. There are several manufacturers and styles available to suit all exterior designs. The locks have a numbered keypad. To activate the lock, a person enters the code and usually the pound key. The lock will make a whirring noise, which is just the mechanism unlocking, then you can twist the knob and enter the building. The locksmith can teach you how to change the code so that you can change it for each new guest. Many of the programmable models will allow you to set a time limit on specific codes, so the recipient of the code can use the code, but it will only work for so many days.

3. Rekey to one master key

Some owners may not want to install the electronic doorknobs, but they still want the guest experience to be comfortable. In these situations, the owner can have a coded lockbox installed. Inside the lockbox, there can be one master key to access the entire property. The locksmith can rekey all of the doorknobs, deadbolts, and other exterior doors, so they all work with that single key. The visitor does not have to fumble with several keys, and they can leave it in the lock box when they checkout.

4. Install bedroom and bathroom locks

Many guests will feel more secure if they can lock their bedroom door at night, and all of them will want bathroom doors that lock. A locksmith can add these interior locks to the doors and make them all open with one single key. You may choose to leave one key in the house for your guests to use in case they need to enter a bedroom or a bathroom in an emergency.

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